Wondering what other food you can you cook in a pizza stove besides pizza? There are many things that a timber fire can require to the following degree. A big addition to food is the wood smoke which can add taste to many different dishes. You can likewise cook a selection of foods by varying the heat of the oven.

Below is a checklist of some of my favourite foods which work well prepared in a pizza stove. I’ve chosen the best recipes from throughout the internet to accompany them, so you have some clear instructions to adhere to.

The clay or brick oven is among the earliest cooking methods, so its no surprise to see some apparent classics in this list such as roast meat, bread and also baked fruit. There are some more contemporary spins in here too, like the baked brie, and also the dessert pizza– so appreciate getting some inspiration.

Foods To Cook In A Pizza Oven Besides Pizza:

Barbecued Sardines

Sardines are delicious when cooked versus a fire. The warm will char and crisp the skin as well as the flavor will certainly be wonderful. You can toenail the sardines to wood obstructs with a tidy nail, as well as face them towards the fires to prepare in the easiest of means. Complete it with some lemon juice.

Beer Can Chicken

The hen is reduced onto an upright beer can, so it chefs standing. It chefs swiftly and also you can revolve the bird to cook on all sides. The steam from the beer keeps the meat juicy as well as from drying in the warmth. Bear in mind to drink two thirds of the beer before starting.

Pulled Pork And Smoked Ribs

You can quickly turn your pizza oven into a smoker by adding cigarette smoking wood or chips and closing the door. Making drew pork is ideal “reduced and also sluggish” to become tender, so you need to let your pizza stove cool off considerably. You can do ribs, brisket and also any other of your preferred smokey meats for hrs or overnight.


You can prepare steaks on a griddle pan, a shelf, or directly on the stove floor. Face the fat on the steak towards the fires to ensure that it renders and also crisps up. Choose a cut that can withstand the warmth– something with a higher fat material like rib eye, instead of a lean tenderloin.

Corn On The Cob

You can cook these entire, in the husks if you can get them. Saturate them beforehand to stop them burning, and after that grill on the floor of the oven, transforming them commonly. Let the flesh char however do not let them melt.

Roast Turkey

Why not try your Xmas or Thanksgiving supper in your wood fired oven? It’s the perfect alternative to cook the bird in there as well as keep your main oven totally free for the various other points which need food preparation. Remember that turkeys can get fairly huge, so inspect it does not touch the roof of the stove if your own is tiny.

Gratin Potatoes

This is an easy side recipe that can be prepared beforehand and then prepare to be placed in the oven to problem up the cheese covering. The comparable meal you can do is potato Dauphinoise which has no cheese, but cream and garlic.

Baked Camembert Or Brie

This is a great appetiser or end to a dish. You need a round cheese that has a rind (and ideally a wood box) and that will melt well such as Camembert or Brie. It is baked until soft and you dip crusty bread and anything else you elegant right into the top.

Wood Fired Sourdough

Exactly how delicious does that noise? Take your breakfast to the next degree by making sourdough loafs in your wood fired stove. You can make easier, no knead bread if you do not have the moment to make a sour dough starter.

Roast Rib Of Beef

Cook your prime cut of beef in the pizza stove for a delicious meal. Area the meat on a rack in a roasting pan. You can utilize room in the toasting frying pan for other vegetables. Readjust your times for exactly how well prepared you like your meat.

Maple Plank Salmon

By cooking a fillet of fish on a slab of wood, it includes added smokiness as well as keeps the fish moist. The tastes of smoke as well as salmon are a fantastic mix. The wood slab is taken in water before food preparation to stop melting. If you don’t have a slab after that you can constantly roast it on veggies.

Roasted Fish

Whole fish such as this snapper, roast well in a tray surrounded by vegetables, or wrapped up in a parcel of parchment paper. If you stand the fish up vertically, it can be prepared promptly on both sides by rotating the frying pan it is cooked in.

Grilled Shrimp

One more excellent appetiser which pairs excellent with the wood fired stove, and takes just mins. The shrimps don’t need long food preparation so keep it brief to ensure that you don’t over prepare them. Completed with great deals of lemon.

Garlic Bread

This is rather comparable to your pizza dishes, yet can be scrumptious side meal to one more main course, pizzas or as an appetizer by itself. You can use your normal pizza dough after that add crushed garlic, butter, rosemary and olive oil for the winning mix.


A traditional Italian bread that is so easy to make with the residual heat of your oven. The dough is really similar to pizza dough so you ought to recognize with it, or you can make use of some left over dough you have. Great dipped in olive oil, or cut for sandwiches the following day.

Roasted Vegetables And Potatoes

You can make use of the high warm to roast potatoes and also get them crispy, or you can wait until the warmth has waned to slow down roast blended vegetables up until soft. Potatoes can be baked in their skins. There are lots of points you can do– examine the dish for best referrals of vegetables.

Roast Leg Of Lamb

One more amazing roast for your pizza oven, this time it’s lamb with garlic, rosemary and thyme. A leg of lamb is leaner than a shoulder so can dry if over cooked, however is less fatty. So take which one is your choice, or schedule.

Pizza Rolls

A terrific crowd-pleaser if you are cooking for visitors. These pizza rolls are covered in cheese as well as garlic butter and are sure to go down well. Standard pizza dough can be used as well as you can load them with definitely anything.

Naan bread

This Indian flatbread is usually prepared in a warm tandoori oven. Your pizza oven can reproduce this approach, and also get the breads to expand nicely. Brush them with butter as well as delight in with your favorite curries.

Cinnamon Rolls

You can make use of left over pizza dough for these rolls, and make a wonderful post-pizza treat. You can add other fillings also such as Nutella, banana, berries and also syrup. Simply turn out the dough very finely, and also things with your favorite dental fillings before slicing up.

Wood fired apples

Take the complete apples and also stuff with raisins as well as cinnamon as well as sugar. Bake them in the left over heat of your stove and after that serve with gelato for a straightforward yet delicious treat.

Strawberry And Rhubarb Cobbler

Utilizing a cast iron frying pan is an excellent way to cook in the pizza oven as you’ve most likely discovered in a few of these recipes. This time full of fruit and also covered with a cobbler topping for a timeless treat. You can do different variants of fruit or pie toppings in your pizza stove.

Dessert Pizza with Mascarpone and Fruit

A listing wouldn’t be complete without including a dessert pizza. You can complete your pizza celebration by upright a wonderful pizza. Utilize your dough and also include marscarpone cheese and some fresh fruit for a light finish.

Carrot Cake

Baking cakes in the wood discharged oven is straight forward. You obtain the stove hot so the blocks radiate warm, then you simply need the oven to cool to the temperature levels needed for baking. This is my favorite cake, the cinnamon, nuts as well as covering are magnificent.


As you can see, there are numerous mouth watering dishes out there for your pizza stove, so do not restrict on your own to simply pizza! Several of the best sources for recipes can be located at The Stone Bake Stove Business as well as Forno Bravo so check them out if you want extra suggestions.

You hopefully have some even more concepts of what you can cook in a pizza stove besides pizza. You can discover more dishes online conveniently by searching for your meal complied with by “timber fired”. Usually a recipe will come up which has actually been adapted in its times and techniques for a wood discharged stove.

Enjoy food preparation other points in your pizza oven!

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