Is your pizza steel filled with charred cheese, sauce, and God recognizes what, and you don’t know what to do? Do not fret, this short article will take you with the simple process of exactly how to clean a pizza steel.

Cleaning up a pizza steel consists of 5 very easy steps:

  1. Get rid of any burnt food
  2. Clean the pizza steel with a nylon brush and warm water
  3. Dry the pizza steel using a paper towel
  4. Period the pizza steel utilizing oil
  5. Store the pizza steel appropriately

This article will experience each of the steps, yet initially a couple of errors to stay clear of when you’re cleansing your pizza steel.


I just intend to begin with some “do n’ts”, before we reach the correct method of cleaning your pizza steel, to see to it you do not do any of these errors.

Don’t Put It in the Dishwasher

You should never put your pizza steel in the dishwashing machine! The factor is that aggressive dishwashing machine cleaning agent can ruin the pizza steel. And also a truly have a portion of steel is probably not good for your dishwasher either.

Don’t Use Soap

Like for the dishwasher, harsh soap and other sorts of detergent is not good for your pizza steel. I for that reason recommend to stay clear of utilizing any type of soap while cleansing your steel.

And Don’t Try to Clean a Hot Pizza Steel

Last, yet not the least, don’t attempt to cleanse your pizza steel when it’s hot! Taking care of a hot pizza steel can be extremely dangerous, you consequently should allow it awesome entirely before you remove it create the stove.

Along with that, using cold water to try to cool the pizza steel to a temperature level is really bad for you pizza steel. This can lead to a thermal shock that can warp the steel, that may cause bending of the steel. A thick pizza steel will certainly is less most likely to warp (in addition to various other advantages, find out more concerning pizza steel thickness below), yet just stay clear of doing this.

Bottom line, simply don’t touch the pizza steel until it’s entirely cooled.

Currently, allow’s get to the interesting component, how to actually clean a pizza steel.

1. Get Rid of Burnt Food

It’s practically unavoidable that your pizza steel obtains filthy throughout pizza baking. It can be thawed cheese, pizza sauce, or fat from toppings trickling down on your pizza steel. The initial step is for that reason to remove these food dirts.

Due to the warm, many food that leaks down on the pizza stone will shed or even become ashes. And also unlike pizza rocks, that often have a rougher surface area (you can learn more regarding pizza steels vs pizza stones right here), steels generally have a smooth surface. Coal and also ashes typically do not stick, and can conveniently just be rubbed out.

Use Self-Cleaning Function to Get Rid of Food Soils

If your stove has a self-cleaning you can also use that to transform any food soils into ash that’s simple to wipe off.

If you have larger chunks of impact food on the steel, like melted cheese, I advise to start with a dough scraper. With metal dough scraper ought to have the ability to do away with the huge portions. (A pizza dough scrape is really valuable tool when you’re baking pizza, click on this link to find out more regarding pizza dough scrapes.).

For smaller, scorched pieces that is hard to obtain rid off with the dough scrape, steel woollen is a terrific option. An also much better tool to eliminate these is an EarthStone Cleaning Block.

2. Clean The Pizza Steel With Water

Then eliminate any loosened deposit utilizing a nylon brush and hot water. You ought to not utilize soap when you’re cleansing your pizza steel. You can likewise leave the pizza steel under running water, yet the simplest means of cleansing it with a brush.

3. Dry The Pizza Steel

To avoid rust, it is necessary to dry the pizza steel entirely after it has actually touched with water.

Dry off any water on the surface of the pizza steel using a cooking area towel or paper towel. You can also leave it in a cozy oven to dry it. The most important point is that the pizza steel is entirely dry prior to saving it.

4. Season The Pizza Steel (Optional)

Much like a cast-iron skillet, your pizza steel requires to be skilled to avoid rust of the steel. Seasoning will aid develop a non-stick surface on your pizza steel, that will help prevent the pizza from sticking.

Why Season a Pizza Steel

The reason this action is optional is that you don’t need to re-season your pizza steel whenever you utilize it. Many pizza steels come pre-seasoned when you buy it. It’s therefore not required to period it prior to you utilize it for the very first time. It does however refrain from doing any damage to period it, so if you’re not particular, you can always go ahead as well as season it. I recommend doing this every 3-6 months or so, relying on just how typically you use your pizza steel.

How to Season a Pizza Steel

All you need is some vegetable oil with a high smoke factor, such as soy, grape seed, or flaxseed oil. Spread a slim layer on the surface of the pizza steel. Then, rub out any kind of accessibility oil making use of a paper towel. Next, position the pizza steel in a cool oven, as well as warm it at 400 ° F (200 ° C) for half an hour to a hr. What’s happening when the steel with the oil is heated, you get carbonization of the oil, that creates the protective layer on the pizza steel.

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When the moment is up, switch off the oven, and also leave the pizza steel in the oven to cool down totally before you proceed to step 5.

With usage and also seasoning of your pizza steel, it will gradually obtain darker, and eventually you’ll end up with a dark, gray or close to black tinted pizza steel. However don’t fret, this is an all-natural result of the flavoring procedure.

Take a look at my in-depth post on seasoning if you want to know extra.

5. Store The Pizza Steel

Store your pizza steel in a completely dry area, with no moisture. This suggests do not save it in a moist basement etc. If the steel is revealed to moisture it can rust.

Pizza steels are also heavy, so saving it in addition to anything that can not deal with the weight is likewise a negative idea.

I usually keep my pizza steel in the really bottom of the cabinet under my stove. That need to be a rather completely dry place, as well as since I put it in all-time low, there is absolutely nothing it can damage due to the weight.

How Do You Remove Rust From a Pizza Steel?

An additional issue that you can face if you don’t have a stainless-steel pizza steel, is rust. One of the most common reason for corrosion is that the pizza steel was not properly dried out after cleaning. To eliminate the corrosion, merely remove it using a great sandpaper.

I recommend to re-season your pizza steel after you have actually eliminated the corrosion. Just jump back to tip 4.

Final thought.

It’s important to tidy and also take correct care of your pizza steel. By doing that it can last you a lifetime. And also as you have actually seen, it’s likewise very simple. Simply clan the pizza steel by removing any kind of ash, or burned food dirts, using a dough scraper, clean with warm water as well as a nylon brush, and also see to it yo dry it totally before storing it.

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